Air Force X1 Lifting Bag

MFC International Air Force X1 bags have been designed to military specifications. The Air Force X1 bag is capable of lifting up to 5 tonnes on its own or 10 tonnes when used as a pair.

The Air Force X1 lifting bag is relatively low pressure which means its soft footprint enables you to lift objects on soft ground such as snow, sand or ice. It exerts a soft force against the load, preventing damage to vulnerable structures.

The lifting surfaces are extremely strong and durable and it can be inflated over broken glass or other sharp hazards.

Air Force X1 Lifting Bag Technical Data
  Air Force X1 Lifting Bag
Product Code LB0075
Diameter (cm) ⌀80
Inflated Height (cm) 60
Deflated Height (cm) 5
Lift at Max. Pressure (tonne) 5
Max. Pressure (bar) 1
Air Requirements (ltr) 302
Packed Size (cm) ⌀80 x 20
Packed Weight (kg) 34